Over the years I have had the privilige to work on some great projects with some of my best friends, as well as complete strangers! Scroll down to check out some of the projects I have worked on!

WIN Member Tracker

This is the project I am most proud of! We designed a website from scratch for the Women In Nuclear Engineering TAMU chapter. This website allows WIN (Women In Nuclear), to have all of their information, as well as allows users to login, and participate in events, tracking their participation throughout their semester, and then formatting all that information so the officers do not have to manually enter participation data. It also allows them to display their officers, have a "facebook-esque" discussion board that can be curated by organization officers, as well as show a calendar that can be edited by the officers. Click on the title to vist the page!

The Hub

This is one of the projects I am most proud of, the website is still active to this day, so feel free to try it out. This web application allows you to log into different social media pages, in this case, facebook, reddit, and tumblr, and then view all of your feeds in one location. Additionally, you can post to multiple of those social media sites at once, and you can get an overall view of analytics, such as your likes, and follwers. The intent was to create a web application used for people who use social media as part of their job. Click on the title to vist the page!

Accident Info Visualization

This was a project we worked on in our first hackathon, which we actually won an award for. This project utilized wolfram alphas programming language to overlay accidents on a map, which was intended to give users an insight so those driving could see information about where accidents happened more frequently. Unfortunantly the site is no longer operational, however our devpost is still avaliable to view! Click on the title to vist the page!


This was a project we worked on in another hackathon. This project was made in the middle of COVID, so our intention with this project was to create a website you could visit to plan a trip during COVID, which would give you all of the relevant information concerning quarantining needs, and what was open, as well as give you some current information on travel restrictions and general news pertaining to COVID. Click on the title to vist the page!